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Jun 27

At South32's weekly Safety / Care Meeting attended by the whole Bayside Team and Contractor Supervisors every Thursday, a “Bright Spark of the Week” trophy is awarded to an individual or a team that the Bayside Team feel has demonstrated extra care or gone above and beyond what would normally be expected in the work they do.
On 21st June at our Safety / Care Meeting the Bayside Team gave recognition and awarded the Bright Spark Trophy to Spilltech (Contractor) as nominated by Graeme Swarts. 
In line with the South32 Care Strategy values, Garth and his team have maintained their focus and have cleaned the settling ponds exceptionally well and injury free!! They have always maintained a positive attitude at Bayside Aluminium and we would like to thank them for their good work . ‘’It was a pleasure doing business with you guys, keep up the good work!’’ quote/unquote (Graeme)
Well done Spilltech Team!
Keep up the great work!