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May 29

Spill Tech fully endorses and supports the country’s transformation and empowerment objectives. In playing its role as a responsible corporate citizen  the company believes it has an obligation to promote transformation in the workplace. Spill Tech rejects the strategy of hiding behind empowered front companies and willingly accepts the responsibility of true transformation. We have always done our best to achieve the highest possible B-BBEE status and in our latest audit our efforts have been rewarded and we have achieved Level one on the new codes.

Spill Tech was recently acquired by Zico Capital (affiliated to RMB Corvest) and is now 51% black owned including 42% women ownership. We are very proud of the diversification and the balance of cultures and ages represented within the Spill Tech board and its subsidiaries, and the active role played by every board member.

Spill Tech’s Management Team is an ideal ground to groom the future leaders of the business and we always strive to identify emerging talent and provide opportunities for promising staff members to develop their careers within the company. We achieve maximum points for staff with disabilities and our offices have been constructed specifically to cater to the needs of those disabled staff we employ.

We invest a lot of resources into training our staff within the areas of our operations. This not only provides a skills transfer to our employees but also gives the company the most capable operators in the industry. The company has a tradition of developing emerging black businesses within the areas that it operates – often rural areas – by sourcing local services from emergent suppliers wherever possible.

Socio economic development has always been part of Spill Tech’s vision and the company has carefully selected a few worthy beneficiaries - with a focus on youth, education, and impoverished rural communities to invest in where our efforts can make a meaningful difference as opposed to making random donations every now and then to various charities.

Spill Tech is now extremely well aligned for business in South Africa for the immediate and long term future. The business has sound ownership and management structure, an impressive client base, great assets and resources and is the smart choice to do business with. Our vision is to become the obvious choice within the hazardous waste management industry as a “one stop shop” satisfying all of our customers’ requirements. To be known as the benchmark for integrity, transformation and best practice. To form long and beneficial partnerships with our customers and suppliers.