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Oct 10

Utilising Zico Capital, its fully black-owned focused investment company, Agile Capital has acquired a significant interest in national emergency response service provider, Spill Tech. Private equity fund Agile Capital invests in diverse sectors across the local market using its broad-based empowerment vehicle, Zico Capital, to invest in businesses that present opportunities to assert meaningful change.

“Agile Capital is able to offer both significant social value and vital liquidity to its PE partners,” notes Tshego Sefolo, CEO: Agile Capital. This holistic investment approach is underscored by Zico’s most recent acquisition of a 51% stake in Spill Tech via an empowerment transaction.

Established in 2008, Spill Tech offers specialist cleaning services concentrating on hazardous waste and providing emergency spillage response. “Beyond our specialized industrial cleaning services we offer oil, chemical and marine spill response as well as bioremediation services,” notes the Managing Director of Spill Tech. From an initial single outlet in Durban, Spill Tech has achieved such consistent expansion that the company currently operates nationwide. “With 19 branches and depots across South Africa, Spill Tech has secured comprehensive market coverage whilst unlocking opportunities where local presence is a prerequisite,” says Sefolo.

Predominantly sourcing personnel from high-level emergency services Spill Tech employs an extensively-qualified taskforce that undergoes regular up-skilling – including teams of hazardous material technicians trained to NFPA standards. “Our specialist training includes safety and scene control, as well as decontamination procedures that involve hazardous material classification systems, and contamination symptom recognition. Furthermore, our training programmes ensure thorough compliance with the National Road Transport Act regarding the transportation of dangerous goods, as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Act itself.”

Spill Tech holds valuable service-related assets in the form of high-tech equipment such as custom built 10000L vacuum trucks, decontamination units, pneumatic chemical and acid compressors, in addition to hydrocarbon and solvent pumps.

“Effective spill response is essential to mitigate harm, and Spill Tech, as an approved emergency response service provider with national coverage, is exceptionally well-positioned to offer timeous, game-changing assistance,” notes Sefolo.

Spill Tech also maintains its own fleet of hazardous material response vehicles that operate on 24 hour standby, with live tracking via its principal operations centre.

“We are exceptionally pleased to partner with Spill Tech,” says Sefolo. “Given Spill Tech’s industry expertise and track record, coupled with Agile’s acumen and solid entrepreneurial team, this is a partnership geared for considerable growth.”